Day 5 Poem #NaPoWriMo ~ His Muse

Day 5 National Poetry Writing Month

In blackness of night I was his instrument as he was painting in the dark his first love and I became one

(from twitter@poeticjazz)

Day 4 Poem Your Kiss

Day 4 Poem
National Poem Writing Month

As your fingers strum
something's amiss
he lost lots of oxygen
while craving your kiss


(from twitter@poeticjazz)

Day 3 Poem Dr Jekyll Tries to Hide

Day 3 National Poetry Writing Month
(from twitter @poeticjazz)

Dr Jekyll
tries to hide
gyrating rhythms
deep inside
stroke of 12
hates to confess
he lost his mind
in full moonlit madness...

to be continued on Day 4...

Day 2 Poem New Life

Day 2 National Poetry Writing Month
(from twitter @poeticjazz)

Not the same girl
yet still drawn 
into your old ways
like putting new wine
in old wineskins 
but this new me
needs a
new life.

Day 1 Poem ~ California Grapes haiku

Day 1~National Poetry Writing Month
(from twitter @poeticjazz)

grapes escape the vine with no whine except to croon a grapevine remix ~haiku Moscato NE 1?